Covered By Discount Dental

Crowns and Bridges
Partials and Dentures
Periodontal Services
Oral Examinations
Whitening Take Home Trays
Root Canals
Zoom Whitening

Not Covered

Procedures that are referred to a specialist.
Lab Fees

Discount Dental Covers What Insurance Does Not

Almost all insurance plans will NOT cover cosmetic surgery. This includes veneers. At Discount Dental you can receive up to 50% off ALL veneers.

Some insurance plans place limitations on crown and bridges. At Discount Dental there are NO limitations on crowns and bridges

Most insurance plans have a missing tooth clause. A missing tooth clause protects the insurance company from paying for the replacement of a tooth that was missing before the policy was in effect. Discount Dental has no such clause in its contract. Please review the “Terms and Conditions” which are on the back of every Discount Dental enrollment form.

Your Discount Dental membership can even work in conjunction with your existing dental insurance

All PPO plans have a maximum amount that the insurance company will cover during the year that you are enrolled in a given plan. As a member of Discount Dental, you can receive affordable dental coverage that begins when you have reached the maximum amount of coverage from your insurance carrier with as much as 50% savings.